Welcome to Tasmanian Mountain Stories

These Mountain Stories are about Tasmanian bush history. They are about the people who lived, worked or visited the remote parts of the island. They may have left signs of their time in the forests or they may have left stories. Mountain Stories will capture these fragments of history.

We would welcome people to share their own stories in these blogs. There is some more information here.


The name Mountain Stories comes from the work of the late Simon Cubit.  His passion was to understand and tell the stories of the pioneers in the Mersey and Forth River high country.  Simon inspired many people with the quiet engaging way that he told his stories.  We hope in our own way to continue his work.   We will cast the net more widely and try to capture Tasmania’s landscape and people, be they east, west, north or south.



Nic, Ian and Peter (Left to Right – Garibaldi 2018)


We are Ian Hayes, Nic Haygarth and Peter Brown. We all knew and respected Simon’s work.  Sometimes we were able to share information with him and help with his blogs. We have been captivated by the remote places and the stories that they tell about people’s lives.

They may have been prospectors, hunters, bushwalkers, graziers, explorers, or you the reader. Join us to follow in the footsteps of people who passed through the Tasmanian landscape many years ago.

December 2018