21 March 2019 – Simon Cubit Memorial Walk

Simon Cubit Memorial Walk – 2 March 2019

Lees Paddocks in the Upper Mersey was a special place for Simon Cubit, so it was fitting that his family organised a memorial walk to this wonderful place.  The Paddocks were spectacular that day.

Karin Febey, Simon’s sister, has passed on this message.

Lewis Lee’s Hut (photo N Haygarth 2019)

The day was quite hot and under a glorious blue sky, some 20 walkers and 30 horsemen gathered at the Lees car park and set off for the paddocks.

We arrived in the paddocks around 12.15 where the Tasmanian cattlemen were waiting for us and others who had walked in the day before and camped.  There were a number of people who spoke – Judy Kilby , Rod Howe, Ian Hayes, Harold Riley and Katie Tangney along with myself who opened the formal part of the day.



There was a visitors’ book which was offered around for comments to be written in on the occasion and then the plaque was unveiled.  Beautifully placed and most fitting to be there on Lewis Lees Hut- Simon’s great uncle.

I would personally like to thank the Tasmanian Cattlemen’s Association, the Mountain Huts Preservation Society, The Deloraine Walking Club and Grant Evans and his family for their amazing contribution to the walk.


Signing the Visitors Book (Photo N Haygarth 2019)

It was a great day and the paddocks were spectacular – likened to a beautiful jewel in Tasmania’s Upper Mersey High Country. Simon would be humbled and overwhelmed at such a tribute to his memory.

Simon’s Plaque (Photo N Haygarth 2019)

The plaque reads:

In Memory of Simon Cubit 9/10/58 – 24/5/17
A descendant of mountain men
who treasured the Mersey High Country and its people
who wrote their stories and told them to us
who fought to keep their traditions alive
who valued and loved these high places above all
Now free amongst the crags and rivers
It was his country, his magnificent obsession






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