Simon Cubit Memorial Walk – 2 March 2019

Karin Febey advises

The memorial walk for Simon Cubit will be on the 2nd March and leaving the Lees Paddocks car park at 9.30 am lead by Peter Coleman and the Deloraine Walking Club. Members of  Tasmanian Cattlemen will also be in the paddocks and attending.  The walk is to acknowledge Simon’s efforts to maintain traditions in the high country – Lees Paddock  and to exclude the paddocks from being  World Heritage listed.  He worked hard to do this for the people of the high country and this passion stemmed from the love of this country and  his ancestors who took cattle to the paddocks each year.  This is a very special place for him and most fitting for a memorial walk .

There is to be a plaque unveiled at Lewis Lees hut after we all walk in and then there will be some organised speeches and open for any body else in the group who may wish to talk about Simon.   I would imagine then we have lunch and mingle and talk and then walk out !

Walkers need to bring backpacks with lunch, drinks, hats etc and good walking shoes and be at the car park on Mersey Forest Road at 9.30 where we will all group  and commence the walk together.  Please note as the car park area is quite small if there are a lot of members and public wishing to remember Simon this way,  to car pool where possible or to leave cars at the Arm River Forestry camp in enough time to get to the car park by 9.30.

Any inquires to please contact Karin Febey on 0419566177 or on this email before the actual walk.  We do have property at the Arm River if cars need to be left etc or if people wish to camp  after the event, but I will need to know well before the 2nd March.

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