Junction Hut – The Port Davey Track

How it started For us one search leads to another.  This one started with a photo of Damper Inn on the Gordon River Track near Maydena.  Ian got his teeth into that.  We told that story in an earlier blog here. This reminded me of a photo of a sign post made of number plates … Read moreJunction Hut – The Port Davey Track

150 year-old Secrets Preserved at the Waratah Reservoir

In mid 2021, we found one small reminder of the original dray track to the Mount Bischoff mine.  It was the faint, but definite, remains of an old bridge, just the approaches, a rotten beam and a few small pieces of timber driven with big iron spikes.  We were pretty excited considering is age.  It … Read more150 year-old Secrets Preserved at the Waratah Reservoir

The Mine Shaft near New Pelion Hut

Recently a little piece of unexplained history solved itself.  Decades ago, I saw a fern-shrouded water-filled hole in the bank of Douglas Creek near New Pelion Hut.  It was full of small branches and leaf litter. However, boards around its square sides showed that it was not natural.  It intrigued me and I wanted to … Read moreThe Mine Shaft near New Pelion Hut

Stretcher Creek Hut Site

 Guest writer – Paula McCulloch About four years ago I was intrigued by the story Simon Cubit wrote on his blog (then later published in his book Mountain stories: echoes from the Tasmanian high country, vol.1) about a hut near Stretcher Creek in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. It interested me that even with … Read moreStretcher Creek Hut Site

The Forgotten Huts of the Pelion Plains

  The Pelion Plains, in the middle of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, are remote and stunningly beautiful.  Some call them pristine wilderness.  On the southern edge of the plains is the imposing two-storey edifice of New Pelion walkers’ hut.  It is the newest and biggest of a series of huts that have … Read moreThe Forgotten Huts of the Pelion Plains

The Port Davey & Gordon Track Junction

The Number Plate Tree We were looking for Damper Inn on the Gordon Track (read about that here).  It turned out that knowing the location of the junction of the Gordon Track and the Port Davey Track would help us find the old hut.  But the junction also had a history.   Originally it was … Read moreThe Port Davey & Gordon Track Junction

Damper Inn than out

A haven in the South West     Again, a picture got Ian’s attention. It was a hut called Damper Inn and it was located somewhere in south-western Tasmania.  The photo showed a neat corded track gently curved into the hut’s sunlit clearing.  The hut looked like a welcoming haven in a dark forest.   … Read moreDamper Inn than out

Eddie and the water wheel

Another Barn Bluff Copper mystery Eddie I’ve been lucky enough to know Eddie Firth for years.  He is a great walking companion; extremely experienced, easy to get along with and an infectious enthusiasm for the history of Tasmania’s high country.  In many ways he is part of this history.  Many would know him from his … Read moreEddie and the water wheel

Dorset Dredge – the river eating machine

    We decided to visit the north-east in early 2019. That summer, the ‘tin province’ was the safest place in Tasmania.  The rest of state seemed to be threatened by fires.  Nic had a few things to show us.  Near Gladstone, Ian and I followed him along some old roads towards the Ringarooma River.  … Read moreDorset Dredge – the river eating machine