Coming Up

North East Tasmania



Dorest Dredge
Dorset Dredge


Garibaldi Water Pipe
Garibaldi Pig Oven










West Coast

Timber Tramway – Mt Black
Pipe Colebrook
Tasmanian Smelting Company







Crotty Crushing Plant


Tasmanian Metals Extraction Co


Gads Hill – Liena

Old VDL Track
The Old Station
Hawthorn – Old Station








All photos Peter Brown copyright

2 thoughts on “Coming Up”

    • There are a few stories following up. That grassy plain at Gad’s Hill has a lot of history and some of its stories will follow soon. Stories for the Colebrook mine are being written but we need to visit the site again to fit the written history to the physical evidence. The others are in various stages of preparation. We hope that you enjoy them

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