The Barn Bluff Copper Mine – The Huts

Eddie Firth and I have been visiting the old Barn Bluff mine for years.  At first glance there isn’t a lot to see.  But a close look reveals a lot of history.  The most evocative reminder of its history is a few grainy photos. Some show men proudly staring at the camera.  They are frozen … Read moreThe Barn Bluff Copper Mine – The Huts

Junction Hut – The Port Davey Track

How it started For us one search leads to another.  This one started with a photo of Damper Inn on the Gordon River Track near Maydena.  Ian got his teeth into that.  We told that story in an earlier blog here. This reminded me of a photo of a sign post made of number plates … Read moreJunction Hut – The Port Davey Track

Stretcher Creek Hut Site

 Guest writer – Paula McCulloch About four years ago I was intrigued by the story Simon Cubit wrote on his blog (then later published in his book Mountain stories: echoes from the Tasmanian high country, vol.1) about a hut near Stretcher Creek in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. It interested me that even with … Read moreStretcher Creek Hut Site

The Forgotten Huts of the Pelion Plains

  The Pelion Plains, in the middle of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, are remote and stunningly beautiful.  Some call them pristine wilderness.  On the southern edge of the plains is the imposing two-storey edifice of New Pelion walkers’ hut.  It is the newest and biggest of a series of huts that have … Read moreThe Forgotten Huts of the Pelion Plains

Damper Inn than out

A haven in the South West     Again, a picture got Ian’s attention. It was a hut called Damper Inn and it was located somewhere in south-western Tasmania.  The photo showed a neat corded track gently curved into the hut’s sunlit clearing.  The hut looked like a welcoming haven in a dark forest.   … Read moreDamper Inn than out

Bringing Gads Hill Old Station Back to Life

It seems like we’ve known about Gads Hill forever.  But it was just a place to drive past on the way to more interesting spots. It never captured our imaginations enough to be a destination. For Ian Gads Hill goes back more than 50 years to when he listened to his father and mates tell … Read moreBringing Gads Hill Old Station Back to Life

Pelion Plains Sleuthing

The Pelion Plains are wonderful place to visit in good weather.  Following the Arm River Track, the old Mole Creek Track, the crown of Mount Pelion East is your first glimpse of the majestic and distinctive mountains that surround these remote plains.  At Lake Ayr you get an oblique look at Mount Oakleigh.  A few … Read morePelion Plains Sleuthing

The Fury Hut and Tom Perry’s Hut, Fleece Creek

The old man’s voice sounds cultured but distinctly Australian, like an interwar ABC news reader. It is the voice of a man who grew up in a British colony and is still slightly wearied by fighting for the Empire at Gallipoli and in France. However, the place that affected Major Ron Smith (1881–1969) most was … Read moreThe Fury Hut and Tom Perry’s Hut, Fleece Creek